Shorts SKIN BS

Type:Men, Women
Article: LY2050C

SKIN BS shorts are designed for the most demanding users and racers. They combine the best of technical and ergonomic knowledge with best available fabrics.

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SKIN BS shorts are designed to offer racers the best shorts in terms of ergonomics, cut, fabrics and comfort during long races. The front part is made of the revolutionary multilayer material Lycra Double, which ensures perfect breathability and sweat transfer, the pleasant inner surface of the material keeps your skin dry.

Longer legs of the shorts can be finished with multiple options of anti-slip cuff, silicone, elastic, flat cut… The most comfortable of them is the use of the new revolutionary Lycra Gummy material, which is finished directly with anti-slip silicone points in the lower part and performs the function of a “cuff” but without the need for sewing. Such an ending is highly comfortable. Other popular variants are finishing with a sewn-on classic cuff of your choice or special transfer silicone strip.

From the goal for functional bibs, a new type was created by a combination of several fabrics and technologies. The flat part on the shoulders does not roll, bend or crinkle, does not cut in the skin, the edging does not protrude from under the jersey. Narrow ergonomically shaped upper back part designed for wearing comfort, lower back part made of still elastic, but stronger mesh to fix the position of the shorts and a new material pleasant to the touch.

The LASER pad is the latest generation of pads, it provides excellent seating comfort with a slight fixation of the position on the seat due to its functionality, elasticity, excellent ventilation, minimal absorbency, differential density of materials.

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