Sports wear

„As a boy, I often cycled and ran. Long tracks. I gained endurance that has melted into today’s business.“

Miloslav Novotný, company founder

How it all started

In the beginning there was a desire for self-realization, which was fulfilled in 1992 by the establishment of NyNa.

As usual, the beginnings were difficult. We built the company from scratch, borrowed money to start up from the family, learning on our own mistakes. Gradually, however, we began to grow, the garage company has become a company with an impressive 2,400 m2, with turnover gradually increased also the number of employees.

The name NyNa originated from the first and last letters of my and my wife’s surname – Novotný and Novotná. The dynamics of our company are symbolized in italics, and our ambition to be a market leader is represented by ®.

We started in cooperation with a foreign partner. From thousands of cycling gloves per week for prestigious companies to cycling and outdoor wear.

Thanks to the acquired experience in our beginnings, we gradually began to produce our own product collection. Currently, we develop our entire collection in cooperation with experts ourselves. We buy the best and highest quality materials and accessories right in the mecca of cycling.

We produce all products in our company, we produce almost one hundred thousand pieces annually. Our clothing is worn by athletes from all over the world, from Europe, Africa to the USA, which we are extremely proud of.


We offer sports clothing made in Slovakia from first-class materials,
with a fine tuned cut and an exceptionally high quality workmanship.

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