Type:Men, Women, Junior
Article: LY7026T

Triathlon body SONIC TRIA SS of a new modern cut with short sleeves. 3D ergonomic cut takes into account the shapes and movement patterns to offer unlimited maximum performance.

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The new collection of triathlon bodies includes sleeveless, short and long sleeve models. The main body part ergonomically shaped cut is the same for all models. The cut in combination with the selection of a suitable fabrics allows maximum free movement when swimming without disturbing irregularities creating turbulent flows that reduce speed and performance. These do not occur even when leaning forward when riding a bicycle. The shorts are tight with a minimum of creases when pedaling and good fixation of the ends of the legs. The end of the rear zipper is reinforced with elastic to prevent tearing and increase durability.

A new generation of elastic zippers is used, which increase wearing comfort, as well as new perforated elastic pads with minimal absorbency and fast drying time. The design of the armholes, neckline and end of the shorts can be selected from a wide range of possibilities. A new collection of high-density warp knits developed for triathlon is offered, including variants with a water-repelent finish. Printing options include different areas and fabrics.



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