Type:Men, Women, Junior
Article: LY7024C

FANTASY body are the latest product created with the aim of least aerodynamic drag. They were created by optimizing cuts and fabrics, taking into account the ergonomics of the body’s position when racing.

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Body of the new modern highly aerodynamic cut, including the fitting of individual surfaces with structured material (part of the sleeves, side parts of the top or parts of the legs). When testing the air resistance in the wind tunnel, the most optimal variant was chosen.

Elastic zipper located at the back or front increases comfort. Finishing the shorts with directly applied silicone, silicone tape or cuff helps minimize resistance. You can select type of pad, print options/design, elastic fabrics.

There is an integrated new clear plastic pocket on the back to insert the start number. The flat transparent pocket helps to save the racer’s watts. Special gloves are available as an accessory.

Versions with short or long sleeves are available.

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