Type:Men, Women, Junior
Article: LY

ELITE body with a very tight fitting cut with a minimum of seams and highly elastic fabrics. Designed mainly for velodrome racing.

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Body designed for racing, with the possibility of using elastic fabrics with different properties. The front or back zipper can be standard or hidden, the neckline is finished with stitching or hem. A clear plastic number pocket can be pressed onto the back of the body. Customized is also finishing of shorts, you can select from wide range of fabrics and versions, for example: silicone tape, direct applied silicone, cuff, elastic, silicone elastic… Pad can be selected based on usage and distance the body will be used for. In addition to the full print, also partial print options exists, the not printed parts can be chosen from one-color fabrics.

Both short and long sleeves are available.

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